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Aaahhh I ate so much dinner I think I will roll into bed tonite….
June 29, 2011


ssssooooo devo…… just burnt the best looking egg and bacon pie i ever made.
June 29, 2011

Had a lovely tea tonight chicken and chips followed by ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream
June 7, 2011

ooh Volcano on E4,love a good disaster movie
June 1, 2011

Didn’t manage to get any tickets for the Olympics. Gutted and hoping for better luck in the next stage of allocations.
June 1, 2011

Free voucher inspired me to get a larger coffee than usual. This is a mistake, all it means is too much milk.
May 24, 2011

I luv my new IPhone
May 14, 2011

The rules:
May 13, 2011

My facebook seems to have deleted random people.
May 12, 2011

BSU is wondering why it’s so quiet…
May 12, 2011